Independent Publishing and Web Hosting for Artists in Australia.

Empowering artists with independent, user-friendly web hosting tools to connect, communicate, and grow their own unique audiences in a meaningful and sustainable way.

At New Developments, we back the artists. We value your individual creativity, the narratives you bring to life, and the transformative power of your work. But we also know there's more to being an artist - it's about making connections, growing, and having a say in your journey. This is why New Developments exists - to offer a web hosting platform that lets artists take the lead.

Our Philosophy

We stand for independence and growth. We want to give you a digital home where you can express your creativity freely, build direct relationships with your audience. We encourage self-reliance and growth. You should have a space where you have direct control over your contacts and subscribers, and build honest, meaningful relationships with your audience. We believe in 'indie' publishing, where you, as an artist, can retain control of your work, your contacts, and your subscribers.

Our Platform

New Developments is more than just a web hosting platform. It's a space that supports your creativity, free from the constraints of commercial platforms. Here, you have the freedom to share your art, engage with your audience, and navigate your own artistic journey. Even though we have robust technology in the background, we strive to make things straightforward and user-friendly for you.

For artists, by artists

Founder Jaco Roeloffs is a sculptor who explores the intersections of nature, human experience, and the power of connections. He brings this same creativity and insight to New Developments, understanding the importance of independent connection between artists and their audiences. With a wealth of online marketing experience under his belt, Jaco has experience with art, technology, and the intricacies of the web to create a platform designed to empower artists to take control of their creative journey.