In hindsight I can say I didn't fall for the NFT hype. But I did buy into the idea of digital ownership. I liked the idea of having a proof of ownership of something in a distributed ledger like the blockchain. After years of web development, I realised that this was what was what was missing on the web. An open source, distributed place to share information about something(s).

As a collector myself I toyed with the idea of making a NFT Collection of pictures. I knew I could make a digital collection, that was not the problem. I just couldn't get the idea off the ground. John Hawkins of The Conversation says:

"As with Bitcoin and similar speculative tokens, the primary driver for buying NFTs was greed. "
Are NFTs really dead and buried? All signs point to ‘yes’
This is why no one is buying your cartoon ape.

Alot of people, myself included thought, hmm this could be a quick and easy payday. But like everything that sounds too good to be true, it was.

I believe NFTs will still be around in the future, and I might even use it for my artwork practice. I am using the Digital twin website now offered by id.Art

A Digital Twin for my sculpture

VORTEX II by Jaco Roeloffs on .ART Digital Twin
.ART Digital Twin

Who knows, I might make my digital flower collection one day 🌹 Or my supereggs 🥚