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Thoughts on NFTs

Thoughts on NFTs

In hindsight I can say I didn't fall for the NFT hype. But I did buy into the idea of digital ownership. I liked the idea of having a proof of ownership of something in a distributed ledger like the blockchain. After years of web development, I realised...

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Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue Website

Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue Website

About Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue (D2DR) As a specialised charity registered in Australia, Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue (D2DR) is fully committed to the safe rescue and rehoming of dachshunds. We stand firm in the belief that all animals, and especially our beloved dachshunds, merit a high-quality life. Thus, we make...

Jaco Roeloffs Sculptor

Jaco Roeloffs Sculptor

The first Artist Website hosted on New Developments is my own. About Jaco Jaco Roeloffs, a sculptor, explores nature, human connection, and the fragility of existence through his unique artworks. Using organic materials and found objects, he creates immersive sculptures that blur the line between reality and imagination. Jaco aims...

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